Service gets you paid when your flight is delayed or cancelled.

We detect flight itineraries in your inbox and automatically get you compensation for past and future delays/cancellations.

On average, we find over $600 per year for travelers.

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How Service Works

Our app monitors the flight itineraries in your inbox

When we detect a delayed or cancelled flight, we file a claim with the airline. We also find your past delays and cancellations then file claims for those too. Let's go get the compensation hidden in your inbox!

For the average flyer, we find over $600 per inbox per year.

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We automatically find your travel confirmations in your inbox β€” we don't look at any of your other email.

We do our magic

When we see a delayed or cancelled flight, we automatically file a claim for compensation. We're great at it β€” and you don't have to do a thing.

Get compensation!

We charge 30% of the compensation value (usually a voucher or miles). If we don't get you anything, you don't pay us anything. Fair, right?

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Hang up the phone and stop wasting time. @service app - does the dirty work for you. Thank god. 
9:46 AM - 17 Dec 2015
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Earn $600 per year on average.

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